Prostate Massage : A Beginners Guide

The male G-Spot refers to the prostate gland, located on the front wall of the anal canal. This walnut shaped gland is responsible for a man's erections, orgasms, and ejaculations.

It has been used for centuries by many cultures to help with prostate congestion, sexual dysfunction, and for sexual pleasure. The results of stimulating this gland are a 'milking' of the prostate, and increased blood flow to the region providing fresh oxygen and nutrients. The Nexus Range of prostate massagers including the Nexus Glide, The Nexus Excel, the Nexus Titus and the Nexus Vibro are specially designed for prostate massage for sexual pleasure, though a 'side effect' is the prostate often becomes far healthier than prior to using these toys. This is why it is so often helpful for men with prostate problems and sexual dysfunction.


Prostate Massage

Our Six Seven Guide to Prostate Massage

Step 1: Relax and Breathe

Learning how to deeply relax and connect your mind with your body is vital to the success of your anal explorations with a prostate massager. Start your session with some deep breathing, and feel how each breath enters and exits your body. Lie down and feel your diaphragm moving.

Concentrate on relaxing each of your muscles and removing expectations of what is about to happen. Breathe out all those old ideas you had about male sexuality.

Step 2: Arouse Yourself

This part is entirely up to you - do whatever turns you on. Don't touch your penis, but do feel free to roam the rest of your body, including the anal area. This sends blood and messages to the prostate, penis, scrotum, anus, and abdomen area, warming it up.

Perhaps put on an erotic movie if you like, just to help things along.

Please note that being too aroused or not being aroused enough can cause problems with your session. Over-arousal can result in impatience, and you might miss important, but subtle, signals. Under-arousal can be caused by a lack of the necessary energy to concentrate and relax into your session. Be well rested and have plenty of private time to experiment.

Step 3: Insert the Prostate Massager

Lie on your side with your knees slightly bent. Make sure the toy has plenty of lubricant on it (you will need to prime the anal area with lubricant before inserting). Slowly and carefully insert the prostate massager into your anus, breathing and relaxing your sphincter muscles with each exhalation. Fit it completely and comfortably inside your anal canal. Now just rest, and continue your erotic play as before while your body gets used to it. Don't touch your penis, and try to be in a position where it is not rubbing on the bed, or your leg. This will distract you from the task at hand, which is meant to be forgetting about your penis and concentrating on the sensations in your prostate, anal canal, perineum and abdomen.

Step 4: Breathe and Getting Used to It

For the next 15 minutes or so, you will need to adjust to having the prostate massager inside you. Relax, and take deep breaths from right down into your abdomen, while continuing the erotic stimulation of your mind and body, whilst avoiding your penis.

Step 5: Start Small Contractions

When you feel comfortable with the p-spot toy inside you, you may feel the swell of your prostate against the toy. The prostate engorges with blood upon arousal, and this is why you can feel it. This is what will provide the stimulation to milk your prostate, and have full body orgasms.

The reverberations of the anal contractions will vibrate up the shaft of the toy, into the head, and onto your prostate. To get the ball rolling, try contracting as you breathe in, and letting go as you breathe out. Your untrained muscles will probably quiver involuntarily: this is good, and you will feel the effects in your prostate.

Play around with the contractions and see how it feels with long ones, strong ones, short ones, and weak ones. Maintaining tautness in the sphincter will cause quivers, which in effect stimulate the prostate in a positive way.

See what feels good, and just play. Keep the erotic stimulation on other parts of your body, and build yourself into a rhythm.

Step 6: Take it further

Lying on your side is the most effective way of having huge full body orgasms, but it may not be how you find success with your toy to begin with. Try kneeling, or lying in another position and see what effects this has on the sensations you feel. Keep breathing, and focus on your prostate and general abdomen area.

There is an acupressure point which is connected to the prostate, penis, scrotum, and anal area in your perineum. Each man is biologically the same, but the spot varies minutely between men. It is normally in the middle of the perineum, between the anus and the scrotum. To find it, make a line from the bottom of your prostate, and dig your finger in and go along until you find a place that feels slightly different. It may be a little sensitive. This is the point. It is not a pleasure spot in itself, but with the aid of a prostate massager with a perineum stimulator, it is often the essential ingredient in achieving the much-coveted male G-Spot orgasm.

Step 7: Keep Practicing

Try different things, read up forums, talk to people. Every man's experience with a prostate massager is different and unique, but the sensations are normally very similar in the process. If you don't achieve success right away, don't panic and don't give up! Keep trying.