Prostate Massage with a Finger

Prostate massagers are designed so they stimulate the prostate, anal canal,and perineum. This combination of stimulation ensures the highest chance of success for achieving orgasmic success and discovering new ways to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Partaking in sexual activity with a partner can be a deeply enjoyable experience, and enriching to a relationship.

Prostate massage can be done with a specialised toy, or with a well-placed finger. The instructions provided on this website go over both methods..

Prostate Massage with a Finger

Our Six Step Guide to Prostate Massage for Couples

Step 1: Arousal

When embarking on an anal exploration, lubricant is essential. Have some handy. You may wish to use a latex glove or condom over your finger. Not only is this hygienic, it will feel smoother and better inside. Make sure you have a short nail on the finger you intend to use so it doesn't tear the anal canal. The index finger is easy.

It is helpful for the session if he is slightly aroused prior to inserting anything anally. The prostate swells when a man is aroused, so it is easier to feel. Additionally, his anal sphincter muscles will be more relaxed if there is some arousal. Licking or rubbing the anus area while stimulating the penis relaxes the area, allowing for easier penetration.

Step 2: Lube the Anus

Thoroughly lubricate your finger and hand area. Gently lubricate the anus. This can be done as part of arousal.

Step 3: Insert the Finger

First rule: go gently! Especially if this is his first time, he will be experiencing this acutely. While stimulating his penis however you choose - mouth, hand, body - work your finger slowly and gently around his anus. Probe slightly, find which direction the tube faces. Put your finger is slightly to just past your nail, and then slowly pull it out again. Do thisa couple of times and make sure everything is alright with him. Keeping the very pleasant stimulation on his penis normally ensures his cooperation! Slowly put your whole finger in very gently. Move your finger around slightly inside.

Step 4: Finding the Prostate Gland (Male G-Spot)

Inside on the front wall near his penis, you will find a small round ridge. It is about 1.5 inches in, so gently feel around until you can feel it. Rub it slowly and rhythmically, and check to see what this feels like for him. It should start to feel very pleasurable. Increase the speed and pressure slightly, keeping in communication regularly as to how it feels for him.

Step 5: You Know The Rest!

Go for it. Play around and see what feels good, what feels great, what you like and what you don't. Keep building rhythm and pressure. You will feel the prostate contract when orgasm has begun. Remember practice makes perfect, so if you don't get it right the first time, don't give up. There is a method to this madness!

Health and Safety of Prostate Massage with a Finger Risks:

The biggest risk when using a finger for prostate massage is tearing the delicate tissue of the anal canal with a nail or over-vigorous actions. Go slowly, and gently. Bacterial infection risk is very low. Wash the finger thoroughly with warm water and soap after it has been in contact with the anal area. Using a glove or condom on your finger can help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Step 6: Removing the Finger

Removal of the finger from the area should also be slow and gentle.

Lubricant: Always use lubricant with anal play.

Douching: Douching first can prevent any risk of soiling accident or embarrassment. Anal douches can be bought from any sex shop and are inexpensive and easy to use. Enjoy !